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Play Parking fury you will feel excited with extremely eye-catching 2D graphics. The feature of the game is that you will get help from the arrows to find your way to the parking lot and complete the mission. In addition, you will have up to 5 collisions with other cars around on duty. When finished, stars appear, you just need to hold them to pass the level you just played.
How to play Parking fury is not too difficult. There are 2 ways that are to press arrow keys or WASD to move your car. On the left side of the screen is a map that directs you to the parking lot. Your goal is to drive into a safe parking lot, when the green line appears, it means you have succeeded in that parking lot. Then you will move to another area around which has been marked in red.
When completing missions in Parking fury, what you need to keep in mind is that moving to other parking areas, you must avoid obstacles and vehicles appearing on the road. If you exceed the allowable collision limit, you will have to start over. That takes time, be careful! When you get to high levels, it requires more difficult skills. That doesn't matter because we'll give you some great tips to make it easier for you to overcome the challenge.
Parking fury tricks and some useful tips
- On the screen often appear yellow arrows, on the way you need to follow them to find the parking lot.
- Each level will have three stars for you to collect
- Your car will break down quickly when you intentionally break other cars or accidentally collide too hard.
Hope the above information will be useful to you when playing at Parking fury. Put your driving skills to the test! At Parking fury, we don't need great racers or great driving skills. You just need to skillfully overcome the challenges in the game, follow the instructions for the best results!
Wish you happy gaming!

How To Play Parking Fury

Press arrow keys or WASD to move the car. Park the car as directed by the arrow sign


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